The Information You Should Know About Acquiring A Patent

A patent is an intellectual residence proper that provides the holder, not an operating appropriate, but a right to prohibit the use by a third party of the patented invention, from a particular date and for a restricted duration (normally twenty years).

Some nations could at the time of registration issue a “provisional patent” and may grant a “grace period” of a single 12 months which avoids the invalidity of the patent to an inventor who disclosed his invention prior to filing a patent in a non-confidential basis with the advantage of allowing quick dissemination of technical details while reserving the industrial exploitation of the invention. Dependent on the country, the very first “inventor” or the very first “filer” has priority to the patent.

The patent is legitimate only in a provided territory. As a result, the patent stays nationwide. It is achievable to file a patent application for a particular country (INPI for France, the USPTO for the U.S., JPO for Japan), or a group of countries (with the EPO for 38 European countries, filing a PCT application for the 142 signatories of the Treaty). As a result, a patent application may possibly cover numerous countries.

In return, the invention need to be disclosed to the public. In practice, patents are instantly published 18 months after the priority date, that is to say, after the very first filing, except in unique cases.

To be patentable, aside from the truth that it must be an “invention”, an
innovative ideas invention should also meet three essential criteria.

1. It must be new, that is to say that nothing equivalent has ever been accessible to the public expertise, by any implies whatsoever (written, oral, use. ), and anywhere. It also ought to not match the content of a patent that was filed but not nevertheless published.

2. It must have inventive step, that is to say, it are not able to be evident from the prior artwork.

3. It should have industrial application, that is to say, it can be utilized or manufactured in any variety of industry, including agriculture (excluding works of art or crafts, for example).

When a company believes that its rivals are unlikely to find out one of its secrets and techniques throughout the period of coverage of any patent, or that the firm would not be in a position to detect infringement or enforce its
patent an invention rights, it can select not to file, which carries a chance and a benefit.

The threat: If a competitor finds the very same method and obtains a patent on it, the organization may be prohibited to use his own invention ( the French law and American law differ on this level, one thinking about the proof at the date of discovery, and the other at the date of publication). French law also contains a so-called exception of “prior private possession” for a man or woman who can demonstrate that the alleged invention was without a doubt infringed currently in its possession prior to the filing date of the patent application. In such case, operation would only be ready to proceed for that person on the French territory.

The advantage: If there is no patent, the technique is not published and as a result the company can count on to proceed operation in concept indefinitely (Nevertheless in practice, someone will probably locate the thought one particular day, but the duration of
idea for an invention safety may finish up longer in total). This program of trade secret and consequently non- patenting is employed in some situations by the chemical market.


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